Friday, June 17, 2011


Often we pretend everything is okay around our friends or family. We hide our true feelings, keep secrets, and tell lies most of the time in society. As we are shaped to believe that its better to hide our emotions and feelings. We are expected to put a smile on our face, paint this appearance that life is a bowl of cherries. Only most of the time it can be a bowl of rotten cherries.

If we just pretend everything is perfect maybe all our problems will go away. If we just shove them under the rug, hide them in our past, no one will ever know the truth. I watched people do this hide their feelings, thoughts,secrets, and pasts because they were afraid of losing someone, or being laughed at, or ridiculed.

It used to be taught you should leave your skeletons in your closet, leave it there, and pretend it never happen. The silence, the pain within, holding it back, a dirty little secret as society would say. Through out time our society has taught us to lie to ourselves, our partners, and we should be ashamed of our mistakes. Keep it a secret! What will people think of you. How ever small they are, or how large they are, its better to keep quiet. The thing is we find out through time when we share our stories, we begin to heal, and we find out we are not alone. We are able to release the pain and suffering. We can walk away from those mistakes, and not feel guilty about them. We just made mistakes, they were errors in our judgement, but when we allow other people to prohibit us from making our own choices they rob of us of our freedom to be ourselves.

We should not hide our mistakes and think they they are so terrible that we don't have room to move forward and let them go and be free of it. We are not a bad person for making mistakes, or making bad judgements along the way. At the same time people should not gossip about it, or think they can never make the same mistakes. I've watched myself judge others and found myself making the same mistakes over time. I am no better than the next man over from me. We all deserve to be loved where we are in the moment.

We judge others who have drug addictions, or alcoholics, or gamblers, but we all have addictions of some kind. We look for some way to deal with our issues, and escape the pain and suffer in some way. Some of us can walk away from it easily, and others can not. We use these things as crutches to get along in life. At some point when we learn to share what is going on inside with others and releasing all that pent up emotion we find healthy ways to cope, and don't need those crutches anymore. We are able to share with others, and find out we don't have any dirty secrets, just mistakes, and we can choose to make our lives better each day.

We are not alone in this world, and some one out there some where is experiencing the same things we are. When we realise this, we have a sense of compassion and understanding for one another. When we listen to someone, that helps them heal, and we love them that makes them feel stronger, having more courage to move on from their pasts. We heal each other by being there for one another.

We don't need to hide anything when we are healthy, we don't have anything to feel ashamed of, or feel guilty of, and we are human. We will never be perfect, probably being perfect is accepting our mistakes and accepting the fact that we are imperfect. We should never make someone feel unworthy of us for making a mistake. We may be disappointed, we might not understand always, but it is not fair to judge them without walking in their shoes first. You've probably never been down that road. We should encourage them to live better, love themselves, and make better choices for their lives.

We never have to consider our mistakes as being dirty little secrets. They are just what they are. They are mistakes. We have learned and grown from each one. It made us stronger, made us the person we are today. We should be proud of who we are regardless of the mistakes we have made.


  1. Nice blog dude. Bring deep meaning and very poetic. :)

  2. Sofea : thank you sofea :)
    Berd: Thank you dude :)